“These are not merely attacks on statues and history, the are attacks on Catholics and the people of all faith. Catholics played an essential role in the exploration and development of America. ”
Carl Anderson 

State Council, District Deputies, Field Agents and Grand Knights

Our State Deputy has appointed me to work as the liaison, to the Italian community on the Christopher Columbus Statues and Holiday situation.  I had attended several JCCIA meetings, and the time is now!   

This matter has been and on-going challenge for the Italian community for years as well as the Knights of Columbus.  We are very fortunate to have Ron Onesti, who is the current President of the JCCIA, Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans.  This is more than just another Italian organization, JCCIA is the umbrella organization for the Italian Community. Feel free to check out the following sources so you can get a feel of the actual dedication and determination behind the scenes.

Website: JCCIA.com
Facebook: facebook.com/JCCIA
 Instagram: Instagram.com/JCCIA
Twitter: twitter.com/JCCIA_il
You Tube: Chicago JCCIA/JCCIA.com. 

All introductions aside, Ron, has really elevated the exposure of the Organization and our cause “Christopher Columbus.”  Carl Anderson has made some very impactful comments of how “these are not merely attacks on statues & History, they are attacks on Catholics and people of all faith.  Catholics have played an essential role in the exploration and development of America.”

Clearly JCCIA, has a finger on the pulse to get the proper attention from those not only in the City of Chicago and suburbs but the State as well.  It was so refreshing to see that Ron’s approach is one of Unity and Healing.  They have already begun to have meetings with the Mayors staff, Cook County Board, and the Illinois State Representative Anthony DeLuca.  In Cook County, the Columbus Day Holiday for the Cook County employees, will remain “Columbus Day.”

JCCIA, at Ron’s leadership has been meeting with all the groups that make up the City of Chicago, of course Native American’s, Jewish Community, African Americans, Folks of Polish decent and many others just to list a few.  The key is that all these groups are embracing the healing and unity platform, as they should.  There is no room for one sided narrative.  It is becoming more and more agreeable that the History needs to be further explained and not eliminated, keeping the dignity of each group, and understanding each other’s pain.  If this does not speak to who we are as Brother Knights, then nothing will. 

So here is the long and short of the mission; July 25th, 2021, 2:30 p.m.  at Arrigo Park 801 S. Loomis St. Chicago.  We need to fill up busloads of our membership and get them behind this worthy effort to unite our community. 

This is not a flyer or a passing comment in the various bulletins and e-mails.  We need to identify leaders that will commit to reaching out and showing that we will stand for our “Name Sake”, as our Blessed Father Michael J. McGivney would have done. 

This is who we are, we need to go into the breach as we have spoken of and let the community know we are here not only as the right hand to the church, but the right hand to all looking for Healing, Unity & Love as Jesus has taught us all.

Thank you in advance for your needed support and assistance as we break all barriers to accomplish this mission.


Grand Knight
Holy Family Council 11981